FAQ about perinatal mood concerns and counselling:

I do not feel sad; I feel angry, is it postpartum depression?  It may be; anger, outbursts and irritability can definitely be a sign of postpartum depression. If you are not feeling like yourself and are worried about it, this may be a good sign to talk to a counsellor or family doctor.

I feel so bad, does it go away?   There is lots of evidence to show yes it goes away and yes you can feel better.  

My baby is over a year old, can I still come, is it worth it? Absolutely, you can come anytime you are ready. 

Nobody else talks about it and all the other moms look fine, why is it just me? It  is unfortunate there is stigma attached to mental health concerns, therefore people don’t talk about it or ask about it.  Up to 20% (or more) mothers experience PPD and other mental health concerns related to the pregnancy and postpartum period. Do not assume because other moms look like they are fine or act like everything is perfect, that it is.  

What are the symptoms of PPD? The symptoms can vary for each person.  Some include anxiety, lethargy, disinterest in baby, anger, irritable, loss of appetite, frequent crying, not being able to fall asleep.  Check out this excellent webpage www.postpartumprogress.com for more information on symptoms.

I am afraid to come to talk to a counsellor because of what might happen to me or my baby, what should I do?  One of the biggest barriers to mothers seeking help is fear.  Fear of what will happen, but counselling is a safe place to talk and start the process of changing what is happening.  Please email any fears or questions you have for me and I will answer you before you book an appointment or see a counsellor.  Seeking help for prenatal or postpartum mood concerns is NOT a sign of failure, weakness or that you are an unfit mother, it is a sign that you know you shouldn’t have to go through this alone. It is a sign you want things to be better.  It is a sign that you are doing exactly the right thing.  

How long do I have to go to counselling?  Some people come once and get what they need, some people come for longer.  Some people come for a few months and then not again for a while. It all depends on what you need and want from counselling. It is up to you.