perinatal counselling

Many women experience postpartum depression, or other mood concerns during pregnancy or after childbirth.  Did you know less than half the women experiencing postpartum depression seek help?  Do not suffer in silence and you do not have to feel alone in this.

Why Counselling

  • Symptoms of postpartum depression (may include: anger, anxiety, crying, difficulty sleeping, scary thoughts about self or baby, lack of appetite, negative feelings about being a mother, inability to cope, lethargy, loss of interest, and other symptoms) See postpartum progress for more information:  symptoms of PPD
  • Feelings of loss during pregnancy or after birth
  • You may be trying to get pregnant and concerns and fears about fertility are overwhelming for you at this time
  • Prenatal or postpartum anxiety (may include: scary thoughts, sleep disturbances, loss of appetite, difficulty concentrating, irritable, nervousness, constant worry about baby, and questioning ability as a mother).
  • Adjustment concerns
  • Parenting a new baby is feeling very hard
  • Birth trauma
  • Difficulty preparing emotionally for childbirth (fear or anxiety about the birth)
  • ANY Other concerns you may have

Session Overview

  • Meet with you or you and your partner to discuss what you need right now to help you (you may bring baby)
  • A safe space to talk about your struggles and fears
  • Discuss your need for symptom relief and develop a plan to make this happen
  • Education about postpartum depression, birth trauma, anxiety, etc.
  • Develop a plan for therapy, support, caring for baby and yourself
  • Make any necessary referrals to community or medical services
  • Modalities used: Karen Kleiman’s work with postpartum mothers, Narrative Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, EMDR and Mindfulness practices.

All services are available in-person in Calgary, over the phone, online or in the comfort of your own home.  For more information, contact Shannon Kane at or 403-880-2367