“Before I met Shannon and started EMDR I was being treated for postpartum anxiety quite intensively. Despite implementing many strategies around anxiety and spending hours in talk therapy, I still found myself reliving the events leading up to the birth, the birth itself and the time I spent in the NICU with my son. I was going through the motions of caring for my children, engaging with my partner and working with the medical professionals involved with my son but I was living the moments surrounding the birth over and over in my mind. When I would think about the pregnancy and the birth, I felt intense fear and risk despite knowing, logically, that the danger was over and that both my son and I were safe. I would also think that I would never have control over any aspect of my life again. After the pregnancy and my health deteriorated so quickly, I was left feeling completely powerless.

After working with Shannon and doing EMDR, I have been able to think about the birth without experiencing the physiological response that I once felt. Without constantly reliving the trauma, I am now able to enjoy my time off with my children and finally feel that we are safe. I have been back to the NICU since the my son was discharged and it was a positive experience. I feel like I have taken back some control over everything that happened by seeking the support I needed to give my family a healthier, stronger version of myself. I’m proud that I tackled this and that I did the work that has freed me from the burden I was experiencing and also for giving myself the gift of being able to think about one of the most important days of my life in a more positive light.” (NICU mother)


“Your genuine care was above and beyond, such a comfort as I walked through that valley.” (Postpartum Client)


“What I appreciated the most is the tangible tasks we as care providers can offer our clients.  You answered that question in beautiful clarity. I can’t thank you enough for giving the best presentation on trauma I have seen.” -Randi Payton LM,CPM Homebirth Midwife


My sessions with Shannon were imperative in helping me process some of the difficult events that took place the day my daughter was born. Shannon is gentle and compassionate, and a great listener. With her guidance, I was able to reframe the way that I remember the birth, shifting towards an acceptance of the things which went beyond my control, and instead focusing on how I followed my instincts and did the best I could for my baby before, during and after the birth. There are still sad parts of my Story, but those moments no longer dominate the Story.” (Birth Story Listening Client)


“I couldn’t have done it without you and the other amazing supportive people in my life, including my husband.  You were an angel, that I needed and am blessed to have met you.  I am so glad our paths have crossed for so many reasons.  Your support gives me strength.”


I can’t thank you enough, I have never had any positive progress at all (in therapy), you are amazing.” (EMDR Client)


“You will never know how much counselling helped me.  I was skeptical at first, as I had never been to see a counsellor.  Having someone listen to JUST me, give me some ideas on what I can do when I am overwhelmed, and having a space where there is absolutely no judgement about my mothering was what helped me the most.  I enjoyed laughing in our sessions, and knowing you were a human being too!  Thank you.”


“I was able to open my heart to Shannon after only one meeting. Shannon was patient, kind, and wholeheartedly understanding. She checked up on me after I had finished my counselling and even after I had given birth. Shannon will always hold a special place in my heart for all that she did for me.” (Prenatal Client)


Thank you so much for the support you gave me through one of the toughest periods of my life. I cannot thank you enough for not only giving me the tools I needed to navigate through this time, but also for being so compassionate and empathetic. I have been doing so much better. I honestly can’t think of where I would be today if I hadn’t reached out to you.” (Postpartum Client)


“You have helped me so much and I can never express how thankful I am for your help. In all of my years of therapy I have never felt as supported and seen the results that I have with you. That is a big deal to me.” (EMDR Client)


I feel I might need to see you after the baby has arrived so I promise to be in touch. I know taking care of myself is important and seeing you has helped me immensely. A visit or two after the baby has come will likely help me out!” (Prenatal Client)


Having someone listen to me and tell me that I wasn’t going ‘crazy’, that these things were just part of the postpartum depression (not me) was what exactly what I needed to hear.” (Postpartum Client)


“EMDR was life changing, although some sessions were tough, I was happy to get through them and found relief. I now feel free of past memories that were bothering me. I really appreciate the technique and the positive experience I had. I am thankful that I had the opportunity to try EMDR because it really worked for me.” (EMDR Client)