We are now offering 1-1 mindful mother/parenthood sessions in Calgary!  For both mothers/fathers or couples.  Mindfulness has been shown to help people stay present in their lives, decrease prenatal and postpartum anxiety and depression.

Some of what we will explore:

  • The ways distress during parenting affects you and how this impacts the way you feel about yourself as a parent
  • Ways to stay in the moment during difficult parenting moments, instead of reacting in your typical ways
  • How to learn and practice self-compassion
  • Look at different ways to plan for the future that allow flexibility
  • The impact of postpartum or prenatal depression or anxiety and ways to cope while pregnant or caring for baby
  • Increase chances for “healing and transformation in meeting the pain we face” (Jeff Brantley, MD).
  • Practicing mindfulness daily and how to do this!
  • How to stay out of the past and future, and be in the ‘right now’ for you and your children
  • Homework and exercises will be tailored to individuals needs/hopes for the sessions